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Glossary - Linotype.mp4
LINOTYPE: a typesetting machine that used molds and molten lead to cast lines of text used in printing.

DPN - Mayflower.mp4
Deaf printers joined students, faculty, and community members at the Mayflower Hotel on March 6, 1988 as part of the DPN protest.

A color photograph of a fair-skinned middle-aged man, seated at a computer work station. In front of him is a box-style desktop computer screen. Around him are stacks of papers. Beside the computer is an old TTY device.
In the 1990s, employees of the Ad Department, like Dick Moore, used computer programs to edit and layout pages of Ads. This reflected the transition from hot metal and cold type to digital page layout.

A color photograph of a fair-skinned middle-aged woman seated at a large white paste up desk. She leans over a paste up board placing and pressing on pieces of printed text. In the background, paste up boards can be seen across multiple workstations.
Prior to computerized newspaper design, paste up was integral to the printing process. In the composing room of The Washington Post, employees used cutting tools to manually lay-out the text and images of each page. Pictured here, Deaf printer Sue…
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