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A color photograph of a group of 22 older fair-skinned people. There is one woman and the rest are men.  Text has been appended to the image identifying the names of each figure. Text at the bottom reads, "I.T.U. - June 2009".
At regional Deaf events, former ITU members gathered in a mini-reunion. In 2009 at the Western States Deaf Campers event in Estes Park, Colorado, a group of printers gathered for a photograph.

A color photograph of older fair-skinned people standing and sitting, looking at the camera. The names of the individuals is appended to the image and text at the bottom reads. "2013 Deaf Seniors of America in Baltimore, Maryland"
Printers at large scale Deaf events often reconnected with one another in mini-reunions, as they did at the Deaf Seniors of America Conference in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013.

A color photograph of a group of older, fair-skinned people standing and sitting, smiling at the camera. Each person holds up ASL handshapes spelling out WASHINGTON POST. In the background a screen reads Washington Post Stories.
At a reunion held at Gallaudet University, retired Deaf printers gathered to discuss their stories and develop a plan for an online exhibit.

A color photograph of a group of 11 older people standing together. One is black, the others are fair-skinned. In the front two men and two women hold up number handshapes, indicating 2015.
Former printers atThe Washington Post maintained friendships after they left. Here they gather at a restaurant in College Park, Maryland. Those pictured include: Front row: Brian Brizendine, Jan DeLap, Janie Golightly, Dean Keefe, Robin Kennedy,…

A scan of a handwritten notecard. Cursive text reads: "Goodin, Merle John, Arkansas,  1937 3 1/2 years. Route #1 Conway Ark., Printer - Colonial Beach Va. - June 1936, Washington Post June 1938, 661 K St., N.E., Washington D.C., 6/24/42, 112 Oates St. N.E., 1148 " ", 1819 Brisbane St. Silver Spring, Md. 9/11/48, 2016 Anita Lane, Bakersfield, Calif. 8-8-58."
Alumni cards were used by Gallaudet to track the movements and activities of former students. Merle Goodwin's card indicates that while he was a student at Gallaudet, graduating in 1937. Shortly after his graduation he worked as a printer at The…

An image of the front cover ofThe Silent Worker which features a border of lithographic drawings of the American Sign Language Alphabet. At center a handshape emerges from clouds and small figures dressed in grecian robes dance around it. Text at the bottom of the page reads "Dactylology, March 1926 vol 39 no 6."
The Silent Worker was a monthly paper published at the New Jersey School for the Deaf from 1888-1929. The paper had national and international correspondants reporting on Deaf life around the world.

A photograph of a newspaper front page. Main page text reads, "Dorothy C. Havens Retires; Post Printer for 27 Years Plans European Tour; Will Live in Florida, story on page C1, Best Wishes Dorothy, March 23, 1973."
Printers at thePost often used the tools of their workspace to create their own newspaper pages. Here, one printer has substituted components from the front page and inserted a fake news story which celebrates the retirement of Dorothy Havens, the…

A lithographic image featuring workers engaged in various stages of printing; hand typesetting, page make up, and editing. Two printing presses are visible.
The masthead ofThe Silent Worker celebrates the work completed by printers. The image features a large printing press, the use of hand-typesetting and a California job case, two workers discussing or proofing a print, a letterpress printing press,…

A pdf of The Ohio Chronicle. The traditionally printed page features a text masthead and five columns of text.
The front page of this issue of The Ohio Chroniclefeatures an article on Deaf printers. LPFs often featured information on employment opportunities for students and alumni.

The masthead of the Silent Hoosier features the title of the publication with lithographic images of school buildings.
The Silent Hoosierwas a publication of the Indiana School for the Deaf. The masthead featured drawings of the school facilities.
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