Welcome to The Deaf Printers Pages

In this video senior project advisor, Janie Golightly, introduces the Deaf Printers Pages project. Time: 1:02. Click to enable captions. Transcription below and here.

The Deaf Printers Pages is a collaborative project between the Drs. John S. & Betty J. Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center at Gallaudet University and a group of Deaf retirees from The Washington Post. This online exhibit preserves the last of many generations of Deaf people who learned printing in school and worked at local and national newspapers around the country. From the 1970s-2000 more than 125 Deaf people found employment at The Washington Post. The composing room and advertising departments of the newspaper became spaces where Deaf and hearing printers interacted daily, creating a uniquely accessible work environment. The Deaf Printers Project aims to record and preserve the stories and signs of this disappearing community.