DPN - Mayflower Protest

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DPN - Mayflower Protest


Video footage of the DPN protest at the Mayflower Hotel featuring Jan DeLap.


Deaf printers joined students, faculty, and community members at the Mayflower Hotel on March 6, 1988 as part of the DPN protest.


Drs. John S. and Betty J. Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center


Gallaudet Video Services, DPN 1988 vol. 6 and DPN 1988 vol. 7.


Gallaudet University Archives


March 6, 1988


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In a series of video clips students are seen running through the streets of DC, gathering in front of the Mayflower Hotel in a large crowd. They chant Deaf President Now and express displeasure at the appointment of President Zinser. Deaf printer Jan DeLap is briefly interviewed about her reaction. Spilman steps out of the Hotel and fields questions from the assembled crowd. DeLap is visible in the background during an exchange between Spilman and Jeff Covell.


[sounds of yelling and clapping]

[sounds of crowd yelling Deaf President Now]

Jan DeLap: ..that woman at all. That woman has no background. Now, now? Why her? What is the reason for picking that woman? I don’t know.

Spilman out!
Spilman out!
Spilman out!

[sounds of yelling and clapping]

Deaf, Deaf, Deaf President Now!

Spilman: I came to say my name is Jane Basket Spilman, I’m chairman of the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet.

A woman’s voice, “Excuse me”

Covell: Spilman, I have a question. The charter of the bylaws says that you must have four Deaf people on the board, correct?
Spilman: It says, it-
Covell: It says four Deaf voting people.
Spilman: a minimum - it - it says
Covell: Our understanding is that Harvey Corson did not have a vote.
Spilman: - yes, a minimum of four Deaf people, right.
Covell: Right. You have four Deaf voting members, that’s how I read the charter.
Spilman: Well -
Covell: Only three Deaf people voted.
Spilman: Because -
Covell: What happened to the other one?
Spilman: Dr. -
Covell: You did not follow the charter of the bylaws.
Spilman: Dr. Harvey - Dr. Harvey Corson was one of the three finalists. So he couldn’t vote for himself.
Covell: You should have picked another Deaf person to take that capacity. Because you did not follow the procedure of the charter of the bylaws. Therefore we can ask that your procedure be null and void.

Woman’s voice off-camera: Question, question. You say that the woman, Zinser, is the best qualified? The best qualified? I don’t know what Zinser can do that King and Corson cannot do. What? Exactly what?
Spilman: Well - I want you to try and give her a chance. Let her talk to you. The - the campus -

Crowd shouting dissent.




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