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Definition: DUPE


An American Sign Language definition is provided by Dick Moore.


DUPE: An assessment of a potential worker's skill, often administered after a trial period.


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The video begins with a title slide featuring a line drawing of a figure depicting the handshapes and movement for the vocabulary term, dupe. Both hands in Y-handshape, palms outward at chest-height, move together at center in a single movement, the tips of the thumbs lightly touching. Next in a video recording, Dick Moore, a white older man, defines the term in American Sign Language. He stands in front of a blue screen in a film studio.


I’ll be sharing about a “dupe,” (in ASL) DUPE.
For example, when a new employee came into the Washington Post, they needed to take a test. They needed to MAKE-UP or, rather PASTE-UP a full page of print, like a full page of food advertisements. They needed to complete the work in under four hours. When finished, the work was submitted to the boss for evaluation. If the job was neat, and the boss was satisfied with the work, the potential employee would pass, and be permitted to continue working at the Washington Post. If they did not pass, they were cut and sent away and told they could return 6 months later and try again.




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